Okay, is it just me or is this show breezing along by the high notes of Lea Michele covers?  Has no one else noticed the serious plot and character issues going on in this jumbled up mess?

Before you attack me, read the whole review and think about it for a while.

I’m not saying that Glee doesn’t have some good points. Even I would have to admit drooling over Heather Morris in this week’s episode (Brittany vs. Britney).

But for the times that they’re not singing (and sometimes when they are – come on, you have to admit the playback    singing is a little creepy), I wonder why I don’t get my fat ass of the couch and go change the channel.

Most of the show, whether you’d like to admit it or not, is a sham.

First off, the actors look like they’re at that age when most people say ‘I do’, far off ‘high school’ dramatics.

Second, the above-mentioned actors do so little to convince one that they can actually act; I often wonder why they  include those awkward scenes where no one is singing or dancing.

In addition, one would also have to question why, with all the gayness and gay characters and innuendo on the show,  there isn’t any boy-on-boy or girl-on-girl hand holding action going on.

Plus, what’s going on with the other minorities on this show? Since no one else beside Lea Michele seems to get any lines, it’s hardly fair to call the show ‘diverse’.

However, with all the love-hate-hate-hate I have for Glee, I have to admit that the show’s producers did get one thing  INCREDIBLY RIGHT.

And that is, in three words, Jane F-ing Lynch.

In the dark tunnel that is Glee, Jane Lynch is the bright light that gives one hope of something better.

For all the messy show tunes and bad acting, Sue’s insults are like a hug from a wildly sarcastic mother (or is it just my mother who constantly berates me for her own entertainment?).

She envelopes one against her Addidas clothed body and whispers ‘You sicken me’ thus bringing a dose of reality to the fantasy world where  quarterbacks are actually nice to the gay kid and date the weird chick.

Score: 3/5 (Just because I actually like some of the covers and, in three words, Jane F-ing Lynch).

(For all you Glee lovers who are about to defile my comment box, I borrow the words of Sue Sylvester, “Your resentment is delicious.” )


2 thoughts on “GLEE”

  1. Ha, I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Gleek, but it seriously took me until after the first season before I would admit it publicly.

    That show is cheesy, the characters annoy me to no end, they are so over the top stereotypical it makes me cringe, and the plots are every highschool drama plot reused over and over again.

    That being said I will not deny that I absolutely love their music numbers. They are all extremely talented singers, and I love listening to their take on modern songs. That’s what keeps me watching it every week.

    That and Jane Lynch, best character on the whole show, by far.

  2. not everything is perfect.. (like Otalia.. *cough* )

    Yea what you said is true, BUT, hearing our fav mainstream songs being covered by these young talents, is pretty thrilling.
    Apart from that, I get a huge rush of excitement when celebs make an appearance on the show.

    I gotta admit that Mr. Schuester gets on my nerves at times..
    and all that lovey dovey stuff btwn Lea and Corey’s characters is pretty boring.

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